Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Dodo Teaser

I have begun a custom dodo bird jester. I am thrilled by this piece as it encompasses several subjects that I just love including birds and extinct animals. I have an intense passion for birds of any kind. Ask my family, they're tired of it already! I am especially interested in birds brought to extinction by the hand of man. This includes the Carolina Parrot, the Passenger Pigeon and our famous Dodo. I recently learned that after it was discovered the dodo became extinct within eighty years. It is not clear what it looked like as all that is available are skeletons and a few heads.
It will be hard to part with this when he is finished. But I will. Stay tuned for completed images next week.

Caricatures and Our Booth

If you make it down to the market, look for us! I recently added the red flag banner to our umbrella. It makes us look just a touch more fund and festive! That's my honey awaiting our next customer. My caricature easel is on the left. Every weekend we hang sample balloons from our umbrella to dance with customers as they drift past. Our mermaid in the foreground is and especially accomplished lure. Last year one little girl wrapped her arms around our mermaid display calling out "MINE!" to her parents walking away from our booth. Needless to say they came back and got her one otherwise we would have probably ended up taking the girl home! I love when parents say that they couldn't see us until they were at our table but their kids could see us halfway down the block! They are lures. Hehehehe.

Here are some caricatures I've drawn over the weekend that I am particularly pleased with. This first one is a custom order for someone's daughter named Pheonyx. She is dressed in a Tinkerbelle-like costume while riding a friendly Pheonix and being followed by little pink butterflies.

This drawing is of two brothers. One turned forty and the other fifty. The younger one was visiting from out of state and had never been to Eugene before. They were alot of fun to draw. I always love it when so much much character sits down for a picture!

This drawing is of a friend of ours who works at a local coffee shop. Tony and I get out breakfast there every Satyrday morning before the market. It has become a little ritual and our day just doesn't start off right if we can't make it over there. She has yet to see this picture!