Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Denali - Eagle painting, in progress

I have been volunteering at the Cascades Raptor Center since June of 2010. My time there has been so incredible. I had several reasons for choosing the raptor center as where I wanted to spend my time, one was that I needed volunteer experience on my resume, two was that I have been crazy for birds since I was in grade school and three was that I was hoping to find my muse. And you know, I found just that. I have been able to take pictures of some of the residents in the hopes of creating artwork from them. Whether they end up painted, sculpted or quilted, I have yet to find out. This is a sneak-peak at a painting that is very near completion, perhaps only days away.

This is a closeup only as the piece extends further out to the right. The canvas is 36"x24". I am anxious for this piece to be completed as it will be the third piece I will have created from my images of the raptor center. You can read more about this eagle here: Denali.

The fate of this piece has not yet been decided. My wheels are turning however and I will share the finished image as well as her fate soon.

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