Sunday, February 10, 2008

Delicious Books

Truthfully, just one delicious book. Last weekend while heading back to home from Vancouver I stopped and picked up Faeries of Dreamdark Finished it yesterday. I love it! I cried twice. First when Magpie woke up missing Maniac and then at the end... Beautiful book Laini! I can't wait to get my hands on Silksinger. I will keep my eyes open down the road for it's arrival. This book certainly inspired me with new ideas and I sat myself down in my studio (handing over the little dude to his father of course) and worked away. I am in the middle of about a half dozen jester sticks so it felt good to make a little more headway on them. I also dusted off my jewelry and photographed my pieces to add to my Etsy site Although they aren't yet up. Because we have dial-up and are using a family members very old computer, we have to go into town to get out pictures on-line. I know, I know, we're practically living as cave people out here! I hear rumor that satellite internet is going to be looked into shortly, here's hoping for an upgrade into the world!

My mother has asked that I sculpt a Quetzalcatl into a jester stick for her. The Questzalcatl is perhaps the most well known Aztec God. He is a feathered serpent so this should be interesting! I'm excited to get this piece rolling. I'm hoping to include wings, so we'll see how it finishes. There was a second request for a custom jester from my Etsy site yesterday as well. I'm excited for the growth that my work will see this year.

The Saturday Market opens April 5th. Tony and I are so excited to be there again this year. We have so many plans for our presentation and booth. Hopefully we'll be re-painting the structure as well as making a new sign and introducing caricatures. I'm a little anxious about that one, but excited!

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