Friday, February 15, 2008

The Perpetual Jester and Other Oddities


I have been working on this sun jester for... well... far too long! Every time I sit down to it I want to do more, paint more, sculpt more. I finally called the painting finished recently and glazed it. There! That part's done. But now more than just a jester, I am feeling that he needs hands. So... I am now sculpting hands and am creating the body in my mind. I have picked out the material for the clothing already. Very sparkly and very shiny. It is my goal to finish this charming fella, sometime, very soon I hope! In the previous post in the picture of my desk, behind the lamp, you can just barely see other unfinished friends of his. Including that dragon head that is still in the sculpting phase. I can't wait to see that one! I love working as I do. I love feeling that as I work, the piece is revealing itself to me. Instead of me commanding it to be something set in stone in my mind's eye. I let each creation work it's own magic as I go and often end up with something very different than I intended!

Here is another curiosity of sorts. I had this adorable little pig jester head and as I was about to add her little ruffle collar I stopped and felt that there was more to her... so much more. Hahahaha! Little did the little pig know she was destined for royalty! As a princess! She even has cute little white satin pantillons and pink satin shoes with little bows on top and a big pink bow on the back of her dress. (If ever I have a little girl some day she will be soo spoiled!)


Just as I was going to post her on my etsy shop I discovered that since these pictures were taken she has developed a large spot on her pink satin skirt! Argh! I'm not sure where it came from, how it got there, what it is, or even how to remove it! So perhaps she is meant to sit high in my studio and watch over me as I work the days away.

Funny, I remember after I finished her and showed her off to my brother in law, his response... "But you had a boy." Considering that this was right after Vincent was born, one might wonder as to my intentions. Nothing fowl about here. *honest*

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