Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Green At Home...

I am currently living with some people who are not terribly earth-aware. They go through paper towels and paper plates by the truck loads it seems. I have tried to push for earth conscience ways, but they are old and set in their ways and just smile at me. ARGH! So, a have begun creating my own re-usable items at home. These are fabric napkins. They are sewn together with old pieces of my sons receiving blankets and pieces of cotton remnants I have around my studio. Since I've taken these pictures I've made at least a dozen more! I keep them in a stack in the kitchen and use them for everything. From drying my hands, to wiping the counter, to toting with my lunch and even out the door with me in my purse. Pick up some fabric napkins today! I don't sell them but there are etsy shops that do.

My son, modeling a napkin for me! I have also recently made some really great canvas shopping bags. But those photos will have to come later.

I know this is a little late from Earth Day. It's never too late to help out a little. Recycle what you can, reuse what you can and be smart about what you're throwing away.

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