Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Getting Out There

It has been too long since I've updated my blog. I hope that all of you will forgive me!

I have been keeping myself very busy these past couple of weeks with art on every level. Not too long ago I received an order for two custom jesters. I have been spending my time studying river otters and wolves.

The otter is now sculpted and painted and even has all of his whiskers so I am setting him down to sculpt the wolf.

This is going to be a laughing wolf, which presents some unique challenges since I have not yet sculpted an animal with such expression! I am looking forward to the challenge however. They will both be adorned in berets and jewels and ruffled collars. I brought in the finished otter head along with the rest of my jesters to the Art Of Glass a local glass shop/gallery that features artists monthly for the Last Friday Art Walk to see if they would accept my work. They loved them, especially the otter! Looking through Noni's calendar I couldn't help but to drift towards October. Tony and I are great lovers of Halloween. So my jesters will be opening there on Halloween night. How perfect is that! I already have ideas up my sleeve of black cats and crows and maybe even a vampire or two! If you are in the area stop by in your costume and say hello!

Today I took a stack of my appliqu├ęd baby onesies into a local shop, Sweet Potato Pie, to inquire about consignment options. They loved the onesies and wanted them all. I am anxious to see how well they do, or don’t do, over the coming months.

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