Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Neuter Scooter...

Or Sasha that is! My poor, poor little kitty. I've been putting off getting her fixed for nearly six years now. I'd like to say it was because I just didn't have the money. But I'm sure that at one point during those six years, I did. The truth be told, I have been terribly lazy about the whole situation. Where I am living now there are at least two un-altered male cats roaming about the house. She has been held prisoner inside my studio for quite some time now. She seems to be in a perpetual state of heat. It drives me nuts but I'm sure that Jet and Monk (don't let the name fool you!) would love for her to come out and play! So, I made the appointment with Neuter Scooter maybe two months ago. I never though the day would come! She hissed at the women behind the long table when I handed her my form. "She's really a very nice cat." I tried to appeal on Sasha's behalf. The woman glanced up at me with an "uh-huh" kind of look. Then she glanced into the carrier as Sasha proceeded to hiss at her. *sigh* I tried.

As I sat down to blog this morning I received a convo on Etsy from a fellow artist who had blogged about the siamese cat jester stick I created. It's a cute blog about her cat taking over the keyboard.

Speaking of jesters... I finally am working on a dragon that has been sitting on my table for many, many months now. I painted the head last night and am terribly pleased with the direction it's going. I will post pictures in a later blog. (Remember, I'm on dial-up!) I need to put more attention into my "Candice Westberg" shop. I enjoy making the baby products, but my passion really pours out when I can sculpt and paint. Working on the new dragon jester last night brought that up to the surface again. And honestly, I've missed it quite a bit and didn't even realize it. So, I will put the onesies away for a time and spend a little time on me. I've missed me lately.

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