Monday, April 28, 2008

Goddesses and Kittens...

I have been sculpting goddesses in one form or another for nearly twenty years now. I began when I was in grade school and my aunt requested some for her shop. I was thrilled! My first wholesale order! Needless to say, they're back! I am adding them slowly to my Etsy shop but here are the few added already for your enjoyment:

There are perhaps a dozen or so more already made that I will be adding over the next few weeks. I love the female form. I love the plump, voluptuous curves of the feminine figure. They are empowering somehow. Holding these little goddesses (who measure no more than perhaps three inches long) in your hand you can feel a feminine energy and it is wonderful! Even if there really isn't any energy there, the reminding they help us with is powerful enough.

On a different note...

last Thursday our cat Sweet Pea graced our home with a litter of kittens. She was originally an outdoor cat but having had them in a box on the porch we promptly pulled the new family inside. This photo was taken when the kittnes were about an hour and a half old. At four days now their color is showing through better and they are just adorable! I have never cared for new kittens before so being the crazy animal lover that I am this is a fabulous experience for me. There are six little kittens. One orange, one cream, one black with rusty patches and striped legs, one black with striped legs, and two grey kitties, one a little lighter and both with striped legs. Sweet Pea is a doll too. She is surprisingly tame for an outdoor cat and this gives me high hopes that I won't have too much trouble finding her a home when the kittens are old enough. So... in roughly six to eight weeks, if you want a kitten! Hahaha! No, seriously... let me know!

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Kiley said...

Ooooo! How exciting to be in the front window!

One of these day's I'll stop by the market and stop by everyones booths and not just Susan's. Looks like this weekend won't be too terrible so maybe I'll make it down!